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Chelsea sign 11 year old!

Yes, Premiership leaders and defending champions Chelsea seem to have ambitions of winning everything available this season, including the under-13 league title, if there is such a thing. Today, the signing of 11 year old striker Michael Gyasi from Northampton Town was confirmed for an ‘undisclosed fee’.


Am I the only one who sees something strange in signing an 11 year old for an undisclosed fee? What sort of contract was this boy on that required a fee to be paid? I’m all for teams fighting off big clubs that sniff around their young talent and as a Crewe fan I understand how annoying it is when teams come looking at your talented youth players. However, it is normally players who are say 15-18 years old, i.e. those that have hit puberty. Never before have I heard of a team going out to sign an 11 year old.


Yes this is a great opportunity for Gyasi who now gets to develop as a footballer at one of the biggest clubs in the world. Although he is reportedly a striker, when I was 11, everybody played as a striker. You just got the ball and tried to score.


I’m sure these sorts of moves go on all the time with very young players moving academies, although I would’ve assumed the reasons would be simpler such as the family relocating or a kid falling out with one of the other kids. Maybe this is the modern football world we live in now, where any and every player can be bought and sold.


Rumor has it that Gyasi is challenging Daniel Sturridge for a place on the bench this weekend.

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